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Are you coming to the end of your current mortgage’s lower initial rate or are you already out of this period and paying a high standard variable rate?

If the answer is yes to this then now is the time to review your options as this could possibly save you a lot of money in the long run.


Most clients when they take a mortgage choose an initial lower rate period that can be from 2 to 5 years and a lot can change with mortgage products within this time.


The things to bear in mind when remortgaging are what is the most important factors for you in the future, is it to save money on your monthly repayments, release equity currently within your property or switching to a more flexible mortgage provider. Our job as expert advisors is to look at your current circumstances, listen to your specific needs and then find the right product for you.


House prices throughout the UK have increased substantially over the past few years and this will have a bearing on your new mortgage product. If the new value of your home places you in a different loan to value (LTV) bracket then you may be able to get a lower rate offering greater savings to your monthly repayments


Do you know how much your property is currently worth? Why not try our Online Instant Valuation Tool to give you an indication of how much your property could now be worth?

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